Fox River Valley Public Library District
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Found on Dundee Library Internet stations:
  •  Microsoft Office 2007 and Open Office 
  • Access to black & white laser printers (20 cents/page) and color laser printer (50 cents/page)
  • Access to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.
  • The Children's Department has three Early Literacy Stations with these educational games:English Titles / Bilingual Spanish Titles (pdf files)
Found on the five Randall Oaks Library Internet stations:
  • Microsoft Office 2010 and Open Office
  • There are two computers for children loaded with age appropriate games and a child-safe Internet browser

Scan! Copy! Print!

Printing StationIn an effort to better serve our visitors, the Library has eliminated the need for separate printing cards. To use the scanners, copiers, or printers simply use your Fox River Valley Public Library District card (or library card key chain) at the Dundee Library printing station. You can insert the exact amount needed, or add extra for convenient future printing needs. If you do not have a library card, the printing station also accepts coins.


Print stations are located on the main floor near the computer area and on the lower level in the Children’s Services Area.


Randall Oaks Library: There is a copier with scanning capabilities that doubles as a printer for the adult computers.

Color copies: 50˘/page
Black and White copies: 20˘/page



The Library provides patron access to the Internet on selected public terminals. Providing access to the Internet is in fulfillment of the Library’s Mission Statement, the Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read, and the Protected Freedoms document. The Library’s Internet access is intended primarily as an information and communication resource.

The Internet provides access to vast amounts of information outside of the Library. Internet information may be incomplete, inaccurate, controversial, dated, or offensive. Patrons have the responsibility to use good judgment when selecting and evaluating information.

Filtering software is used only in the Children's Department.

Patrons using the Internet must comply with the copyright laws licensing agreements.

Patrons are responsible for fee-based services.

The Internet computer terminals at the Library may not be used for any illegal activity.

Patrons may not access the Internet for the purpose of viewing what may be considered sexually graphic, degrading, lewd or lascivious images. Upon first violation the patron may be asked to leave the Library premises. Subsequent violations may result in permanent loss of Internet privileges.

Violations of this policy may result in the loss of Library Internet privileges.

Approved by the Library Board on January 14, 2008

Wireless Internet Access
Wireless Internet AccessWireless fidelity (WiFi) Internet access is everywhere these days. Wireless has become common in schools, stores, workplaces, and public areas such as hotels, airports and libraries. Advantages include no waiting for a library computer, sitting where you like, no time limit, and saving your work on your own laptop. You are using your own software programs which you can customize to your own preferences. You can also access our library databases, some of which are only available from the public computers in the library.

What do I need to use the WiFi Accessnetwork?
You will need:
• A 802.11b or 802.11g compatible network card or device installed
• Headphones (If you need ear buds they can be purchased at a service desk.)
• Fully charged battery

Please be courteous to other patrons by using your headphones. For safety reasons, we can not allow you to run cords across the floors—please come to the library with a fully-charged battery! Currently, spaces with electrical outlets for the public are rare, so please do not depend on plugging in when you come to the library.   

How do I connect to the WiFi Accessnetwork?
Most new laptops will automatically recognize the wireless network at our Dundee location as "DundeePL" when you turn it on. If you are using wireless at the Randall Oaks Library it will be called "RanOaksLibrary". When you open your browser you must temporarily turn off your pop-up blocker to read and accept the Internet Access Policy. If necessary, change your settings to "obtain automatically" for both the DHCP (IP) and the DNS.

What if I cannot connect to the WiFi Accessnetwork ?
Because of liability, the library staff cannot help you set up your laptop. There are numerous websites that can give you basic ideas on how to set up and use a public wireless hotspot. Since laptops and other personal devices are all a little different, you should know how to change settings for your unique device. Easy instructions can be found at the online support section of Microsoft, Apple, your network card company, or just search "wireless" using "HELP" on your computer. You can also manage your wireless with the handy program that may come with the new network card or device you have purchased.

Do I need a library card to use the WiFi Accessnetwork?
No, any visitor who agrees to our Internet Access Policy may connect from within our building. You will need to temporarily turn off your pop-up blocker to read and accept our policy before you are able to connect to the wireless network. Our policy states you must use our Internet access for legal purposes only, and you may not display inappropriate images.

Is there a time limit?
There is no time limit, but wireless access is only available during the hours the library is open.

Is wireless printing available?
You can do this from the Dundee location but it's not available at this time at Randall Oaks. Go to this website and follow the prompts. Come to the print release station on the main level of Dundee Library and pay for your printouts. Please ask a staff member if you need assistance. 
Color printouts: 50 cents/page / Black & White: 20 cents/page

Are children allowed to use their own laptops to use the WiFi Accessnetwork?
For children, filtered wireless access is available in the Children’s Department on the lower level of the Dundee Library. Children 14 and under with a signed parental permission form may use both the wired and wireless Internet on both floors. Since staff cannot possibly monitor the use of personal devices, parents are always to supervise their children’s use of the Internet. At Randall Oaks library there is no filtered access.

Is using the WiFi Accessnetwork secure and private?
When you connect to a wireless network, your data traveling through the air to the wireless access points could be purposefully captured and seen by someone else. Protect your personal data when using any public wireless hotspot by avoiding transmitting credit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive information. Use a good virus protection program and firewall on your laptop. There are many good articles about using public wireless safely on the Internet. Do not forget the obvious, keep your personal devices and personal belongings with you at all times! The library is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred when using our wireless network.

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